Malawians want Dr Chakwera State President in 2019

Malawians want Dr Chakwera State President in 2019

My Fellow Malawians
Yesterday, we stormed Ekwendeni in Mzimba. The mood at the rally venue was electrifying and the message we are getting in all the places we are going is that Malawians want Dr Lazarus Chakwera to be their President in 2019.

Malawians want a President who will deal with corruption in this country and not one who will shield the corrupt people like it is happening today.

Malawians want a President who will create jobs for the young people.

Malawians want a President who will create opportunities for our sons and daughters to attain higher level education regardless of their background. Today, those who are attaining higher education are those who are from rich families because those from poor families are withdrawing from college on financial grounds as they can’t afford the exorbitant tuition fees being charged in our universities. Malawians say this must stop in 2019.

Malawians want a government that will accommodate everyone and not a government dominated by people from one region or tribe like it is happening today.

Malawians want a government whose job will be to fix problems of the people and not make few people instant billionaires at the expense of over 16 million Malawians.
Malawians say enough is enough of DPP mediocrity.

Malawians want a new begging in 2019. In fact just like they gave DPP a second chance in 2014, Malawians have also resolved to give our rebranded and reformed MCP a second chance in 2019.

The people from the Northern region said that they will be the kingmakers in 2019 and in their usual unison, they say the northern region vote will in 2019 go to Dr Lazarus Chakwera of Malawi Congress Party and said their vote will secure his victory in 2019.

Gaging the mood of the people across the country, you get the impression that Malawi is indeed on the verge of change.
As your leaders, we will do what we can to maintain support of the majority in the country. Our assignment now is to have onboard all the undecided voters in order to pull an undoubted victory in 2019.

My Fellow Malawians
Change is coming very soon and we assure you that the Dr Chakwera administration in 2019 will create a better Malawi for all.

May God Bless Our country,
Sidik Mia
MCP Vice President

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Sidik Mia
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Vice President of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Philanthropist, Business Magnate, Former Minister of Transport, Former Minister of Water Development, Former Member of Malawi Parliament for Chikwawa Nkombezi Constituency.

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