MCP has that durable pair to move Malawi forward

MCP has that durable pair to move Malawi forward

Fellow Malawians,
Yesterday, we were in Mchinji addressing a mega rally. The rally was live both on Television and Radio and I hope most of you managed to follow the proceedings.

However, what was striking was an analogy made by the incoming President Dr Lazarus Chakwera. When a right shoe wears out, he observed that you don’t go to a shop and buy that right shoe to replace the bad one—they don’t sell a single shoe. All you do is discard the whole pair and go buy a new pair.

In drawing parallels, Dr Chakwera pointed out that the pair of the incumbent President and his estranged Vice President has failed us Malawians. Their mediocrity is to telling in that we don’t need to sustain either one or both of them beyond 2019. All we need to do as a country is to have a new pair of leaders to steer our country from the failures of this pair to real successes we can all be proud of.

Truth be told, the pair of the current President and his veep has been a waste of everyone’s time. They don’t deserve another term beyond 2019. Let a new pair take over and look no further for MCP has that durable pair to move Malawi forward.

We need to reboot the system in 2019 and aggressively pursue the agenda of moving our country from the level we are to a middle-income developing country status.

With MCP and Dr Lazarus Chakwera, a better and Prosperous Malawi for ALL is possible.

Sidik Mia
MCP Vice President

Sidik Mia
This post was written by
Vice President of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Philanthropist, Business Magnate, Former Minister of Transport, Former Minister of Water Development, Former Member of Malawi Parliament for Chikwawa Nkombezi Constituency.

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