The wheels of change are moving and we will not be intimidated by Police–Mia

The wheels of change are moving and we will not be intimidated by Police–Mia

As a businessman and a bona fide citizen of the land, I decided to visit my fellow comrades in commerce and trade—the vendors—in Blantyre just to share notes and buy few stuffs. It must be underscored that this was not a whistle stop tour but an errand any other citizen can undertake downtown.

My tour was successful at Blantyre flea market only to be greeted by teargas at Blantyre curio art market (Paziboli-boli). What is surprising is that the police did not even have the courtesy to warn me and my team to leave the place.

Assuming they warned us, I assure you that I would have acted according to their instructions as I am a law abiding citizen but what they did was so retrogressive and unfortunate as my private tour didn’t in any way disturb public peace and order. The environment was peaceful, the vendors I interacted with were peaceful and all was fantastic only to be ambushed by the Police.

By the way, I was listening to a news bulletin from one of our many radio stations this very same morning only to hear that the Police are struggling to explain why they ambushed peaceful and unarmed citizens who were going about enjoying their constitutional right to freedom of movement as stipulated under section 37 (1) of the supreme law of the land.

Friends, some people say that the Police Service, has of late, been infiltrated by the ruling DPP cadets. With such unfortunate incident as it happened to me yesterday, one cannot help but perhaps to lend credence to such allegations for if the Police were real professionals and not DPP cadets, they would have at least warn us to leave the place and their firing teargas canisters at us would have been justified in the event that we resisted their order to leave the place. This never happened.

Friends, we should remember that the then private citizen Peter Mutharika in 2014 was left by the police to enjoy his right to freedom of movement as a private citizen of the land. The guy, with his team, could go to Lilongwe Market to buy foodstuff during the build up to the 2014 elections. Why is Mutharika using state agents to victimize others today? This is unfair and undemocratic to say the least.

We therefore wish to make it categorically clear that neither teargas nor live bullets will intimidate us in our struggle to liberate the country from these very few ruling elites who have plundered our country and are determined to sustain their grip on power based on tribalism, regionalism, cronyism and the abuse of state organs to victimize the opposition.

Friends, we know for a fact that the wheels of change are fast moving and make no mistake about it, the system will soon be rebooted and a better Malawi for all is what the Chakwera administration will strive to deliver once we take over next year.

Sidik Mia
MCP Vice President and Businessman

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Sidik Mia
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Vice President of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Philanthropist, Business Magnate, Former Minister of Transport, Former Minister of Water Development, Former Member of Malawi Parliament for Chikwawa Nkombezi Constituency.

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